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Think Commons is a networked thinking platform. A transmedia environment that promotes debate and generates knowledge about commons, collective creation, collective intelligence, collaboration, free culture and open government. Think Commons is an Ambient Intelligence Network, that is, a social environment that reproduces the necessary conditions to build a community of people who interact and recognize each other as actors in it. A transmedia that serves as a hybrid environment, which moves from one medium to another and overcomes the dichotomy between the physical and the digital to create a new dimension of glocal connection between people, with the exchange of opinions on specific topics as a basis. It is structured around open and agile systems that find in the construction of networks of people their most valuable resource (Network Thinking).

At the moment, Think Commons is visible thanks to a series of live streaming sessions.

The weekly sessions in streaming live serve as a catalyst, anyone can participate in the streaming video chat to raise questions and provide their opinion live. They can also participate in the spread on twitter and facebook.

These sessions are recorded and compiled on this page, where anyone who has not been able to follow them live can enjoy them in deferred and are documented rigorously on the web, where all the tweets, videos, the interventions of the chat participants are collected. and the comments published on social networks.

Both the project and its operation have an informal nature that avoids the dynamics of the formal models that usually create barriers in the processes of reflection and debate and, above all, those that can prevent the creation of a community in which everyone can feel comfortable.

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