Think Commons is going international - Think Commons

Think Commons is going international

Think Commons is going international! Next Wednesday we will have a special guest, broadcasting – or should we say livestreaming  – from Paris! It would be at 07:30 pm (Madrid time) and in English, so get your dictionaries ready and join us at

Our English speaking guest is Noa Peer (@dolceoblio), a brilliant young architect from Israel who works and lives in Paris – in that order. She has quite a lot of experience in Communites Creating Spaces and the new challenges urbanists have to face when designing a public space. She is interested in researching the latest innovations in the urban society and in the concept that spaces are living entities that contribute back to the environment they are situated in.

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On the next Think Commons we will explore how to incorporate citizens as active agents in urban development processes in a world overflown by information and increasingly differentiated lifestyle and consumption patterns. Where manifestos, that were never really efficient to begin with, are even less helpful today, as the multiplicity of choices confronted by individuals varies according to their means.

See you all next Wednesday 29th, live at with Noa Peer, on the first Think Commons in English (19:30, Madrid time).

Image by courtesy of fredericpfisterer



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